“Wooah yes!”

No loops today. I’m doing some work on my studio, testing out a few mics and implementing a complex digital smell converter (via SNIFTI) into Logic. Soon you will be able to mix in various odors along with my individual drum tracks. Cutting edge stuff. In lieu of loops, I’ll let Bernard Purdie show you how to play some funk:

Once you’ve got that down, check this out:

Hat tip, pesto.

5 thoughts on ““Wooah yes!”

  1. “…and then, I discovered I had some AIR in my hihat” – priceless!:)
    Thanks for your great blog, Ryan and for linking back!

    btw, I’d welcome if you add “non-Logic fools” again – had me chuckle;)

    have a nice 1…J

  2. a few days ago the site with the youtube video compilation (ThruYOU) crashed from the heavy traffic it was getting

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