If I’ve learned anything in my 20 years of drumming, it’s that you need to give 110% when performing (especially on live TV). You’re probably asking yourself, how do I achieve this? Well, let me give you 3 simple rules:

1. Go out and get yourself a nice tux (preferably white).

2. Raise your cymbal stands to their maximum height.

3. Don’t hold back.

Follow these rules and everything else will fall into place, as demonstrated below:

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  1. i played with a drummer like that once: looks hopped up on happy pills and all his joints appear to be made of jelly. his nom de guerre was gino, but his real name was hiroyuki or something like that. problem was that he never played a song the same way twice. all the fills would change duration and placement between practices. the bassist hated him. he gave 110% live, but the rest of us didnt know which 110% would should up.

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