3 thoughts on “Shawn Pelton’s studio

  1. ~Jon~

    How are you liking the ProFire 2626? At this price range, I think it’s the best interface you can get.
    My review of the 2626 is here: http://www.audiogeekzine.com/?p=801

    Great blog btw, you’re really funny. I’m not a drummer, but I will be subscribing.

  2. Ryan

    Hey Jon,

    Thanks for checking out the site. Glad you enjoy it.

    Small world… I think I actually read your review before I purchased the 2626. Along with Logic, it’s my first foray into the world of DAW… but so far I love it. It’s very clean and warm and I’m ending up with sounds that rival those I’ve had in the big LA & NYC studios. Pretty crazy considering I’m tracking at home with less than $5k worth of gear!

    Keep the geekzine reviews coming!


  3. bawb heelie

    Cool… Is this guy from Louisiana or is his accent 70s Pimp? I am having a hard time placing it

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