Herbie Hancock’s legendary “Headhunters” rhythm section, Mike Clark and Paul Jackson, show us how to keep it crisp and funky. Check out some of those linear grooves and then go eat a ham sandwich.

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  1. Good lunch time use of youtube Ryan..I am beginning to think Paul Jackson is the Chuck Norris of z bajo. Paul Jackson doesn’t use a metronome, the metronome takes it time from Paul Jackson. etc etc..PT 2 of this thing you put up has a very innerestin riff at the beginning..sorta reminds me of something..from 1971..something Michael Henderson might have..anyway, thanks for this one.

    I am still putting my “hat in the ring” (so to speak) for the bass chair in your Huey Lewis and the Gnus tribute extravaganza. I have ensconced my own badself in Casa Pazdonia with a plethora of HL vinyl , obtained from an aging divorced Christian lady down the block, and though there’s a bad skip in the middle of “Do you Believe in Love”, I think I got the basic, umm..gist of it. I also would like to offer my assistance in booking the show, as I have good connections at a string of “festivals” across the central Ohio River valley for Summer 09. We’d be guaranteed $376.89 a show, and after I take my cut, you’d be walking away with a cool $45.87, minus taxes of course.

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