Easy Like A Sunday Morning

Here’s some simple, straight ahead drumming by Chris “Daddy” Dave. Nothing unusual here, other than the rhythmic morphing that another YouTube viewer took the time to transcribe:

“0.55-1.11 are quintuplets grouped in 3’s & 2’s; 1.35-1.43 are septuplets grouped in 5’s; 2.05-2.30 the time implied is based? off 5:2 polyrhythm, so the 5:2 is the new tempo with swung time; 3.03-3.19 are septuplets; 3.25-3.49 the time is based from 5:2 polyrhythm; 3.49-4.04 is a groove based on 7:4 polyrhythm, the 7:4 is grouped in 8; 4.04-4.11 is a grooved based on 9:5 polyrhythm! which is grouped 8; 4.25-6.25 is time based on 5:2; 7.33-8.01 is again based on 5:2.”

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