What About Bob?

Today, as I was recording and editing drums for “Gruss Loops Volume II”, I thought about how much more interesting it would be (for both me and my subscribers) to collaborate with another artist during the creation process. Scrolling through the massive Rolodex of musicians in my head, one name immediately jumped out as the perfect partner in crime: Bob Reynolds.

Bob Reynolds
Bob Reynolds

Bob is one of my best friends and one of the greatest saxophonists (and composers) I’ve ever had the pleasure to play with. Based in Los Angeles, Bob is an accomplished musician who keeps a busy schedule in both the jazz and pop worlds. He recently finished up a two year long world tour with another one of my old friends, John Mayer, and has also performed and/or recorded with Nellie McKay, Brian Blade, Tom Harrell and a host of others.

Bob and I spoke on the phone for almost an hour, brainstorming of all the possible ways we could collaborate in a method which would be intriguing to subscribers as well as push our personal creative boundaries. After some deep thought and a heated game of rock-paper-scissors (I don’t advise trying to play this over the phone), here’s what we ultimately decided to do:

Each of us will create a musical foundation for the other to build upon. For example, Bob will record a piece of music with both harmonic and melodic elements (sans drums), send me the Logic session, and I will then record a drum track on top and send it back to him. The finished drum tracks will then be cut up and edited for release in Volume II. Likewise, I will send Bob a set of drum loops recorded specifically for him, which he will then record his own composition and/or improvisation on top of and the result will be shared with readers as an example of how to take the drum loops and build upon them.

Throughout this whole process I will share the tracks (both before and after) with readers as we are working on them and give you an inside look on how I go about creating drum grooves when presented with a certain musical template.

Keep checking back in the “Behind The Scenes” category over the next few weeks to see how this musical experiment unfolds.

PS – I’ll try to keep video footage of my cats to a minimum.

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