Volume III has dropped!

While many of you were sleeping last night, dreaming about Neve consoles and 7 string Ibanez guitars, I was busy putting the finishing touches on my latest loop pack – Gruss Loops Volume III. My greatest collection of eclectic grooves and thunderous beats thus far, it’s now available for download in the member’s only section. Come follow me for a quick tour, will you?

Let your dreams become reality
Let your dreams become reality!

74_SlowLow – This might be on the slower side, but it’s definitely not for ballads. With a touch of distortion and a heap of compression, this set of loops comes with a wide array of fills and transitions.


94_Seven – My first full set of odd meter loops, this series of grooves in 7/8 will help you start the next Mahavishnu Orchestra. Just tell Jan to leave the keytar at home.


136_Bembe – This is the complete session from the “Backwords Bembe” loop I posted a few weeks ago. From cowbell to ride cymbal to snare rim, this takes the 6/8 bembe pattern and moves it around the kit like a military brat.


136_Strokes – Don’t let the name fool you. You won’t need a trust fund to play with these loops (though some skinny jeans will help). Indie rock drums fit for both Lower East Side dive bars and Meatpacking district dance clubs.


166_Reggae – Straight out of the suburbs of Boston, this is as authentic as white boy, dubbed out reggae gets. Hat tips to both Stewart Copeland for the delays and Pete Thomas for the fills.


220_Tonyish – I’m not talking about that Tony. This is a set of grooves inspired by the one and only Mr. Williams. A mix of post bop, fusion and straight ahead, it’s everything you need to fire your current drummer and replace him with a laptop.


To become a subscriber and gain instant access to all of the 100 loops (AIFF, WAV and REX2) in Volume III, just click the button below.

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