Take it from Matt.

Today I received an email from someone I haven’t seen or talked to in almost nine years. Matt Fordham, an old friend from my Berklee days, had stumbled across my blog and sent me a note to say hi and check in. We had played a few gigs together while we were in school, but after graduation we both moved from Boston and lost touch with each other.

Matt Fordham
Matt Fordham

It turns out Matt now lives in Seattle where he makes his living in both music production and interactive design. He’s a talented guitar player, top-notch audio engineer, and a cool guy to boot. Other than proving that I actually had friends in college, the thing I really wanted to share with you is Matt’s EXCELLENT blog on music production:



Matt is a Pro Tools guy and shares a wealth of knowledge that is useful on any DAW platform. He presents his tutorials in video format and clearly explains all of the tricks and techniques that will make your mixes come to life. My favorite is his series on creative gating. In part one, he actually shows you how to trigger the brown note from a kick drum. I shit you not.

If you’re downloading my Logic sessions, or just working with your own mixes, you need to run (not walk) over to Matt’s blog. It’s the best production tutorial I’ve seen, and I’m not just saying that because I still owe Matt money from those gigs 9 years ago.

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