Slide Guitar with Doug Wamble

There’s something special about the sound of slide guitar. Whether it be in a country, blues, folk or rock song, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi that instantly hits my soul when I hear those notes slip from fret to fret. Why am I having such a cheesy, heartfelt moment about a certain six stringed instrument? Because I’m super stoked about the latest project I worked on for The Loop Loft.

I had the honor and privilege to produce slide guitar loops with the great, Doug Wamble. If you don’t know who Doug is, odds are you’ve probably already heard is incredible guitar playing. He’s played with a huge range of people including Wynton Marsalis, The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Nora Jones, Brandford Marsalis and even Courtney Fucking Love. That’s also his guitar playing that you hear on all of the awesome Ken Burns documentaries.

So, enough gushing about Doug… let’s just get to it and check out his magnificent slide guitar playing:

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