Music Machinery gets my vote for blog post of the week. Paul devised a “click track” detector which basically identifies who is and isn’t playing to a click on a variety of hit songs (with graphs and everything). Music and technology geekery to the fullest. I love it.

I’ve always been curious about which drummers use a click track and which don’t, so I thought it might be fun to try to build a click track detector using the Echo Nest remix SDK ( remix is a Python library that allows you to analyze and manipulate music)”.

Looks like Lars needs a red bull.
Looks like Lars needs a red bull.

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  1. this made me think of sharon isbin (classical guitarist) who did a recording of bach’s a minor fugue that from beginning to end slows something like 10 bpm

    few are immune

  2. I think if the slope is going down then he’s actually speeding up.

    The variation then is less time between beats.

    Less, er, Red Bull maybe.

    Wish this guy would do Philly Joe or Max Roach or Elvin.

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