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Warning – Geek Alert

After repeatedly listening to the Marvin Gaye drum track I posted last night, I decided to run it through The Echo Nest BPM Explorer and actually “see” what it looks like (at least tempo-wise). I know Marvin (or whoever the mystery drummer is) didn’t record to a click track, but the geek inside of me wanted to see some technical data. What does something that feels so amazingly perfect actually look like when graphed out by a computer a program?

Here’s the result (click to enlarge):


From the graph, you can see that the song slowly creeps up in tempo as the track progresses. However, I wouldn’t refer to this as “rushing” or “speeding up”. I call it human. And I can’t imagine this song any other way.

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  1. robb

    one could use this data for a midi beat clock that feels more human than the usual (perfect grid ± random offset)
    i should peek at the sourcecode sometime

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