Gruss Loops Volume VIII is now available!

I know what you were thinking. “Ryan has been doing nothing the past two weeks but eating mashed potatoes, drinking his weight in Harpoon Winter Ale and taking extended naps. There’s no way he’ll have Volume VIII recorded, produced and edited by January 1st.” Well, you were wrong. Yes, I have been overindulging a bit this holiday season, but I’ve also been busy in the studio, putting together my finest Loop Pack to date. Ladies and Gentlemen of the distinguished member’s only section, I present to you, Gruss Loops Volume VIII!

Gruss Loops - Volume 8
Gruss Loops - Volume 8

91_Thicky – When I was in college, there was a certain girl that my friends and I used to pay extra special attention to while eating in the cafeteria. She was a natural beauty, with long black hair and an apparent appetite for frozen yogurt. Definitely not obese in anyway, and far from being stick-thin, she was dubbed with the highly un-pc nickname, “Thicky”. While I feel bad, looking back and remembering such misogynistic behavior, I still wanted to name a loop pack after her. Thicky, these beats (topped with chopped walnuts and extra sprinkles) are for you.


132_HitMe – Amped up, angular and funky, these grooves combine the intricate ghost notes of Clyde Stubblefield , the aggressive beat displacement of Kenwood Dennard and the compressor-happy production of Ryan Gruss.


83_SlapBack – If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you know I’m a fan of reverb (when done right). The 80’s wouldn’t have been the same without the 4 second long decay on the snare and I don’t want to imagine a world without gated reverb on Phil Collins’ toms. This set of loops is my nod to the often overlooked flavor of reverb, the “slapback”.


93_FifteenEight – While other loop sites consider 5/4 and 7/8 the ultimate in odd meters, I consider it just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve decided to raise the bar and record a series of loops that you’ll need all ten fingers and one foot (assuming you haven’t had any horrific lawnmower accidents) to count. Welcome to the wonderful world of 15/8.


179_HighAndTight – Pristinely produced up-tempo pop with a hint of drums and bass, this set of beats is focused around my 10″ Premier soprano snare. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, my Pearl 6 1/2″ x 14″ brass snare makes a cameo appearance towards the end.


106_Crunched – Would you believe me if I told you this set of grooves was inspired by Jesus Jones’ 1990 pop anthem, “Right Here, Right Now“? Well, it’s true. While stuck in holiday traffic last week, this song came over the car radio and instantly took me back to seventh grade. During that first year of junior high, I was 5′ 9” and the tallest kid in my class. Fast forward nineteen years later and I’m still 5′ 9″… and I still act like a seventh grader. Not much has changed, other than my affinity for distorting dance grooves.


190_TwelveEight – Not to be confused with the aforementioned 15/8 loops, these 12/8 grooves are far from the world of odd meters. With a steady back beat and an easy to identify “one”, this is the time signature that blues legends, strippers and even Journey have turned to for years.


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