A Deal You Can’t Refuse

As I’m putting the finishing touches on Gruss Loops Volume II, I realized I should make you painfully aware of the sweet deal that currently lays before you. You see, since I’m offering the loop packs as a subscription service, there will be over 200 loops available over the course of the next two days. That’s right. You could sign up now, grab Volume I right now AND Volume II in another 24 hours…. all for the rock bottom price of $9.95. You can even cancel after you nab both of the packs. See if I care (you cheap bastard). I know you’ll be back for more.

If you’ve been thinking about subscribing, now’s your chance to get the most for your money. Would you rather have 200 new loops or eat three Big Macs? Seriously, we’re talking 5 cents per loop. You can hardly find gumballs anymore for a fucking nickel. After July 1st, Volume One will go deep into the “archives” and only be available as a back issue. Time is of the essence. What are you waiting for?

Jimmy, VP of ryangruss.com Sales
Jimmy, VP of ryangruss.com Sales

3 thoughts on “A Deal You Can’t Refuse

  1. I don’t really use loops but i know i’ll learn something and get some ideas, so you got me for a 10er, cheap bastard that I am. ha!

    here’s some support for a cool blog

  2. thanks dave. I appreciate the support. consider this the best $10 you ever spent. just wait for the screencast on “80’s power ballad snare reverb techniques”.

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