YouTube Jam Session

Here’s a good example of what can happen when you’re really bored on a rainy Sunday afternoon. This originally started as a youtube video posted by Bob Reynolds… just him playing Donna Lee a cappella. Then, a few days ago, I saw via Twitter that a guy who goes by the youtube alias, “boobsax”, added a contrabass clarinet part on top (or underneath I should say) of Bob’s original video. Pretty cool, I thought. What a perfect opportunity for me to mess this up.

I recorded a full size screencast of the “duo” version, dropped that into Logic and overdubbed my part, all the while, videotaping everything with the “gruss cam”. I then edited everything back together in FinalCut and re-uploaded to YouTube… as well as Vimeo. The results? Not too bad, especially considering the potential degradation of audio with each overdub. However, a beat did get dropped somewhere along the way (a glitch in one of the earlier videos?) and I had to throw in a bar of 3/4 to make it work… but all in all, a success.

So… who’s next? Let’s make this a quartet. Any guitarist or keyboardist out there willing to step up to the plate?

Update iPhones – You can watch the YouTube video here.