Ladies & Gentleman, Please Welcome The Loop Loft!

Well, after several months of coding, editing, cursing, rejoicing and testing, the big day has finally arrived. I’m pleased to announce the official launch of my new website,! This blog has been (and will remain) my “virtual workshop”, bringing readers along for the ride as I record and produce beats in my studio and […]

Taking Requests

I’ve decided to try a little experiment today. I’m going to lock myself in my studio, with nothing but Logic 9 and my Twitter feed running, taking loop requests and producing/posting them live, every hour. It all starts at 2pm EST. Just tweet your request to @ryangruss with #looprequest in the message. Name any style, […]

Working It Out

So, I wanted to get back to the experiment that I started with Bob Reynolds a few weeks ago. For those of you just tuning in, Bob and I decided to collaborate together on my loops by bouncing some musical ideas off of each other and building grooves around them. Bob was the first to […]