Get it while you can

As we find ourselves at the end of the month, I just wanted to remind those of you who were thinking about subscribing and downloading Volume II that the clock is ticking. In less than twelve hours from now, Volume II will be yanked from the shelves and replaced with the much anticipated and highly touted, Volume III. By subscribing before midnight (EDT), you’ll have the chance to download over 200 loops in the next 24 hours… all for the stupidly low price of $9.95.


For those of you new to the blog, here’s a preview of some of the loops inside of Volume II:

157_DeathCabbage – Indie rock meets your backyard garden. Poppy enough to get signed to Atlantic Records yet dirty enough to be welcomed in Williamsburg.


118_CoolQuest – A series of grooves and fills inspired by the one and only, ?uestLove. Afro and hair pick not included.


300_BeBop – What, you were just about to ask when I’d include jazz loops? Consider yourself served. Uptempo and aggressive bop for your inner Sonny Stitt.


96_Cowbell – I’m bringing cowbell back. As I previously mentioned, my favorite percussion accessory is now out of retirement and back on the dance floor.


129_Distorted Shuffle – Who said shuffles were just for blues bands? Step back from the speakers. This set of shuffles is about to kick you in the ‘nads and walk off with your girlfriend.


118_AfroCuban – The product of my collaboration with Bob Reynolds, this set of loops brings together the traditional Bembe patterns of West Africa with the slickness of a coked out LA session musician from the 80’s.