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Where the hell have I been? Confined to the sweatshop of drum beats (aka The Loop Loft), producing this fine collection of drum noises and rhythms.. which is finally out today! Check it:

Via The Loop Loft:

We get it. You’re an indie artist and you’re not looking for over-produced drum loops that sound like outtakes from a 1987 Bon Jovi session. You’ll never book a show in Brooklyn with that kind of schlock on your tracks. This is exactly why we’ve created our latest collection, “Indie Rock Drums Vol 1“.

To accurately produce the sound and feel of these loops, we immersed ourselves into the indie rock lifestyle for an entire month, living, breathing and drinking in the $3,500 a month gutters of Williamsburg. We grew beards and then trimmed them into ironic mustaches. We rolled our own cigarettes. We rode fixies instead of taking cabs. We bathed ourselves in PBR. We had a Monday night residency at Pianos. We even acquired a trust fund so that we could spend our days hanging out in coffee shops, getting into heated debates about Pavement, and if they were better or worse after they kicked Gary Young out of the band.

We lived it… and now you can download it in all of its digital glory. Dirty but danceable DFA-approved beats, anthemic Arcade Fire-esque pounding, low-fi Strokes-ish uptempo rock, folkish Bon Ivery brushes… it’s all here. Each collection of grooves contains a variety of fills as well as individually sampled drums and cymbals, so you can easily program your own beats with the exact same sounds from the loop sessions. The sound and feel of Indie Rock Drums is now at your fingertips.

Lust for Loops

Before “Lust for Life” was pimped out as the jingle for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (as well as being covered by Mötley Crüe, Tom Jones and, I shit you not, Bruce Willis), it was one of the classic punk/pop anthems to emerge from the late 1970’s. With thunderous, hypnotic drums and two guitars doubling the bass line, it’s one of those tracks that barrels forward like a locomotive controlled by Billy Mays (if train engineers weren’t required to take drug tests).

Iggy Pop - Singer/Contortionist
Iggy Pop - Singer/Contortionist

Loop #88

Today’s loop takes a cue from Hunt Sales’ original drum groove (one that, apparently, makes you want to spend a week in a 8’x10′ room and eat from buffets), and tightens things up just a bit. Less slosh on the hats and some snappy bass drum will let you go ahead and create your own radio-friendly variation to cash in on. Oh wait, The Strokes and Jet beat you to it.

Preview Here:


Get the .wav file here.

Get the .rx2 file here.

Get the .aiff file here.

202 BPM

Volume III has dropped!

While many of you were sleeping last night, dreaming about Neve consoles and 7 string Ibanez guitars, I was busy putting the finishing touches on my latest loop pack – Gruss Loops Volume III. My greatest collection of eclectic grooves and thunderous beats thus far, it’s now available for download in the member’s only section. Come follow me for a quick tour, will you?

Let your dreams become reality
Let your dreams become reality!

74_SlowLow – This might be on the slower side, but it’s definitely not for ballads. With a touch of distortion and a heap of compression, this set of loops comes with a wide array of fills and transitions.


94_Seven – My first full set of odd meter loops, this series of grooves in 7/8 will help you start the next Mahavishnu Orchestra. Just tell Jan to leave the keytar at home.


136_Bembe – This is the complete session from the “Backwords Bembe” loop I posted a few weeks ago. From cowbell to ride cymbal to snare rim, this takes the 6/8 bembe pattern and moves it around the kit like a military brat.


136_Strokes – Don’t let the name fool you. You won’t need a trust fund to play with these loops (though some skinny jeans will help). Indie rock drums fit for both Lower East Side dive bars and Meatpacking district dance clubs.


166_Reggae – Straight out of the suburbs of Boston, this is as authentic as white boy, dubbed out reggae gets. Hat tips to both Stewart Copeland for the delays and Pete Thomas for the fills.


220_Tonyish – I’m not talking about that Tony. This is a set of grooves inspired by the one and only Mr. Williams. A mix of post bop, fusion and straight ahead, it’s everything you need to fire your current drummer and replace him with a laptop.


To become a subscriber and gain instant access to all of the 100 loops (AIFF, WAV and REX2) in Volume III, just click the button below.

Indie Rock Drum Tips + REX Files

Some things to remember next time you play drums in an ‘indie rock’ band:

– The more your snare drum sounds like a cardboard box, the better.
– Never, and I mean never, mention those Dave Weckl albums you owned in high school.
– You’re going to look like a total douche in those skinny jeans no matter what you do. Just deal with it. Or you can always go the Tommy Lee route.

Fabrizio Moretti - The Strokes
Fabrizio Moretti - The Strokes

Loop #55

For today’s loop I played a pretty typical “indie rock” beat. A semi-limp left hand, no fancy business on the ride cymbal and just enough groove to make the girls dance. To take some of the extra sheen off, I re-amped the drum bus and turned on the bit crusher.

And for some exciting news: Starting tonight, I’ll be including REX files of every loop. Tell all of your DJ friends to start dropping in some “Gruss” at the clubs.

Preview Here:


Download the Logic session here. (195MB)

Get the .wav file here.

Get the .rx2 file here.

110 BPM