The Loop Loft Partners With Ableton

Here’s some news that I’m pretty proud of: “The Loop Loft has teamed up with Ableton to bring you a customized, “Live Ready” version of Hip Hop Drums Vol 1.  This collection has been reconfigured from the ground up to work seamlessly inside of Live, and is fully integrated with custom drum racks, clips, effects, macro […]

Indie Rock Drums

Where the hell have I been? Confined to the sweatshop of drum beats (aka The Loop Loft), producing this fine collection of drum noises and rhythms.. which is finally out today! Check it: Via The Loop Loft: We get it. You’re an indie artist and you’re not looking for over-produced drum loops that sound like […]

Loops That Go Well With Popcorn

The tyrants over at The Loop Loft have been leaving threatening messages on my voicemail, promising I’ll soon awake to a horse head in my bed if I don’t promote their latest release, Cinematic Drums. So, rather than ruin my 500 count Egyptian cotton sheets, I decided to give in and provide the following shout […]

Things Are Really Getting Odd

Between assembling baby furniture, raking leaves in the yard, and diligently working on a new ReFill for Propellerhead, I somehow managed to crank out another collection of beats and samples for The Loop Loft. I also managed to not update this blog in several weeks. So sorry. Anyway, this particular collection consists entirely of odd […]

Got brush loops?

Wondering why I haven’t posted in a while?  It’s because I’ve been putting the finishing touches on this bad boy.  I also have something even bigger to announce in a few days.  No, I’m not taking over Ricky Rockett’s drum throne in Poison.  But it’s almost as exciting.  Here’s the official press release for today’s […]

Going Platinum

18 months in the making and with origins stemming back to the now defunct subscription area of this blog (RIP), The Loop Loft has finally gone platinum. The Platinum Pack Specs: Number of Loops: 1,279 Number of Sessions: 70 Tempo Range: 68-300 BPM File Size: 1.02 GB

Looking for free percussion loops?

Via the good people at The Loop Loft: We’re currently putting the finishing touches on our next major release at The Loop Loft, “World Percussion Loops”, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek (or listen) of what we think is one of our greatest packs to date.  Loaded full of a wide mix […]

Big News

After my previous post, I’m sure you’re all wondering what “the big” news is. In fact, your fingers are probably tired from refreshing my blog over and over… just in hopes that you’ll be the first to hear what it is that I have to say. Well, the wait is finally over. Pour yourself a […]

New Loop Packs

The latest news from The Loop Loft: “The Loop Loft is proud to announce the release of two new loop packs: Odd Meter Grooves Vol 1 and Funk Essentials Vol 2. With Odd Meter Grooves Volume 1, we’ve produced a loop pack entirely focused on beats that go beyond the traditional framework of 4/4. While […]

Spring loop sale!

This just in, via my very close friends at The Loop Loft: ——————————————————————————— The sun is out, the snow is melting and the birds are chirping. Things are finally warming up over at The Loop Loft and we’ve decided to celebrate the first day of Spring with a massive sale on ALL loop packs. We’ve […]