Is that in your pocket?

Breaking news! is now specially formatted for the iPhone and iTouch. Now you can get the latest loops while driving down the interstate, sitting in a meeting or even going to the bathroom. Hat tip

Shawn Pelton’s studio

No loops today but here’s a tour of Shawn Pelton’s (SNL house band) home studio. This video definitely swayed me towards purchasing my M-Audio A/D converter. It also inspired me to pierce my left ear and grow some Mutton Chops. Part 1 Part 2

Time to cut the ribbon up in this piece.

When 2009 rolled around I made two New Year’s resolutions that were long overdue: 1.) Build a recording studio in my house. 2.) Create a blog to share and transfer drum loops and musical ideas. Well, 32 days into 2009 and I seem to be on track (these might be the first resolutions that I’ve […]