Double Tambourine Action

Please pardon the lack of loops and posts this week. As you might know, I’m in the process of moving into a new house (and studio) and everything is in a state of disarray. After this weekend, I should be plugged back in and recording some kickass flamadiddles. Until then, enjoy this live performance of […]

Lunchtime Lesson – Bugs & Towels

In this 1968 video, The Beatles give us a peek inside the studio as they record one of their classic anthems, “Hey Jude”. There’s some great footage of Ringo and his “towel technique” around the 3:15 mark.

Dave’s Garage.

This just landed in my inbox. Dave Weckl gives us a tour of his home studio in LA. Lots of nice outboard gear, upside down splash cymbals and complicated drumming technique. I still think he should bring back the permed mullet.

Shawn Pelton’s studio

No loops today but here’s a tour of Shawn Pelton’s (SNL house band) home studio. This video definitely swayed me towards purchasing my M-Audio A/D converter. It also inspired me to pierce my left ear and grow some Mutton Chops. Part 1 Part 2