Back To Brushes

I know, I know…. things have been a little quiet around here lately. But trust me, I have a very good Reason for my absence. I would love to share more information with you at this time, but a team of international lawyers and a very large Swedish man who goes by the name, “Sven”, […]

Brushing Up On The Funk

Such a pun-laden headline could only mean one thing: Another funk loop. And rather than picking up the sticks and burying the VU meters into the red, I decided to to go the subtle route and use brushes to lay down the back beat. Loop #119 I’ll admit, I’m not breaking any new ground with […]

Double the Snare, Double the Fun.

I’ve been using two snare drums in my live set-up for the past several years. Typically, I’ll use a smaller, higher pitched drum to the left of my hi hat (usually my 10″ Premier) and a bigger, fuller sounding 14″ snare as my primary drum. This gives me the option to switch up textures from […]