Fusion Therapy

After a long, stressful day, some people tend to wind down with a few drinks. Others find solace in working out or smoking crack. And me? Well, I find that nothing helps me kick back and relax like turning on the dry ice machine, inverting a few splash cymbals and playing some overindulgent fusion. There’s […]


I know I’ve made some snarky comments about splash cymbals in the past. This is why I feel I must explain myself before posting today’s loop. You see, there are other ways to utilize splash cymbals besides highlighting DX-7 solos in bad fusion jams and recording prog-rock concept albums. This is a trick I picked […]

Half a Dozen Splashes

I apologize for the recent lack of loops over the past week. As you know, there is lot of behind the scenes work going on at ryangruss.com in preparation for June 1st. Between the film crew in my house, the international press junkets and my fresh Botox injections, it’s been hard to keep up with […]