I’ve Got Your World Music Grooves Right Here

Hot off the press over at thelooploft.com is World Music Drum Loops Vol 1. Via the press release: “The Loop Loft is proud to announce the latest release fresh from our studio: “World Drum Loops – Vol 1”. We’ve taken an eclectic mix of rhythms and sounds from all over the world and combined them […]

The Return of The Frame Drum

Loop #122 Yep, it’s still completely freezing in Boston. This makes two things certain: 1. my gas bill will be higher than my car payment. 2. my frame drum will sound awesome. As I mentioned at the beginning of this ridiculously cold winter, the dry air combined with the heat pumping out of my furnace […]

Gruss Loops Volume VI – An In-Depth Preview

I finally snapped out of my post-Halloween, candy-induced coma and created mp3 previews for my latest subscriber-only loop release, Volume VI. With the widest range of styles and sounds I’ve yet to produce in a single loop pack, I consider this my pièce de résistance (until I release the next one). Let’s take a closer […]

The Loops are coming! The Loops are coming!

Yeah, I know I haven’t been blogging much this week. It’s because I’ve been locked up in the studio, chugging gallons of Red Bull, snorting several kilos of Fun Dip and editing hundreds of drum loops, all in preparation of the November 1st release of Gruss Loops Volume VI. I’d be lying if I didn’t […]

The Best Video I Couldn’t Embed

Earlier today I was unpacking some boxes of random percussion gear and stumbled across a frame drum that I’ve been neglecting for the past few years. I purchased this particular drum about ten years ago when I was studying South Indian music with the great Jamey Haddad. After tuning up the drum and attempting to […]

Quintuple the Pleasure, Quintuple the Fun

While cleaning up my studio and preparing for the big move, I stumbled across a folder of notes and lesson materials from my Berklee days. Inside this folder was everything from Max Roach solo transcriptions, to South Indian rhythmic cycles, to 4-way independence studies. Flipping through the pages of sheet music was like stepping into […]