A lot of things have changed around here since I started the blog almost two months ago. I wasn’t really sure how it was going to turn out or what direction I was going in. I just knew that I wanted to record a loop a day (almost) and give it away for free.

In the beginning, I was just zipping up the Logic sessions and including the mp3 preview. As word started to spread across the blogosphere about some idiot who was giving away his drum tracks, my inbox started to fill up and the suggestions started to pour in. The people spoke. I listened. And I made the following additions:

– Including .wav files in addition to the Logic sessions
– Categorizing loops by both tempo and style
– Including the tempo in the file names to make browsing downloaded files easier


What else would help make this the best and only drum loop blog on the internets? I’m currently working on some other features which I hope to have sorted out in the near future:

– Transcriptions
– A “Gruss Cam” in the studio (no funny business… unless you want to start paying me)
– SNIFTI (digital smell)

Suggestions?? Bring it.

“Wooah yes!”

No loops today. I’m doing some work on my studio, testing out a few mics and implementing a complex digital smell converter (via SNIFTI) into Logic. Soon you will be able to mix in various odors along with my individual drum tracks. Cutting edge stuff. In lieu of loops, I’ll let Bernard Purdie show you how to play some funk:

Once you’ve got that down, check this out:

Hat tip, pesto.