The Paradiddle

Continuing my hugely successful rudiment series (0 comments and counting), today we take a look at one of my favorites:

The Paradiddle


I tend to think of the paradiddle as “the popular kid” of rudiments. Unlike less popular rudiments such as the ratamacue or the single drag, it’s the captain of the football team and the homecoming king. It’s class president and it just landed a full ride to Stanford. It dates all of the hot girls and never gets ID’d when buying beer. You want to hate it… but damnit, it looks and sounds good.

Here is a clip of Steve Gadd getting down with some paraddidles (and paradiddle-diddles).

Loop #46

Today’s loop is nothing but straight-up paradiddles (the exact same sticking shown in the example above). My right hand is on the ride cymbal (with some accents on the bell) while my left hand is on the snare with accents on two and four. I took great care in tuning the drums and placing the mics prior to recording, only to mix it to sound like it’s coming out of a clock radio.

Preview Here:


Download the Logic session here. (55MB)

Get the .wav file here.

109 BPM