Get Your Shuffle On

I just realized I’ve posted 116 different loops on this site but not a single one has been a shuffle. What the hell is wrong with me? Some of my favorite songs are shuffles. Pride And Joy, Sweet Home Chicago, Moanin’…. I could go on and on. From jazz, to blues to rock, the shuffle is one of the few grooves that can find a home in almost any genre (except for Viking metal or perhaps Psychobilly).

Loop #117

Today’s loop is a straight ahead jazz/blues shuffle ala Art Blakey. With a “four on the floor” feathered bass drum and a steady gallop on the snare drum, it’s the first of many shuffle grooves to come out of the beat factory.

Blakey Shuffle
Blakey Shuffle

Superbowl Shuffle
Superbowl Shuffle


Get the .wav file here.

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131 BPM

“Wooah yes!”

No loops today. I’m doing some work on my studio, testing out a few mics and implementing a complex digital smell converter (via SNIFTI) into Logic. Soon you will be able to mix in various odors along with my individual drum tracks. Cutting edge stuff. In lieu of loops, I’ll let Bernard Purdie show you how to play some funk:

Once you’ve got that down, check this out:

Hat tip, pesto.

I Want You to Loop Me

Everyone has their “go to” jukebox songs. The frat boys always go to “Ants Marching”. The Parrot Heads consistently go to “Margaritaville” and the stoners love themselves some “Redemption Song”.

And for me? Well, after a few pints, it’s not unusual for me to scrounge around for a some quarters, stumble over to the nearest jukebox and punch the buttons for my “go to” song: Cheap Trick’s 1979 power-pop classic, “I Want You to Want Me”.

It’s the ultimate bar song. Loud guitars. Huge, anthemic choruses. And a great rock-shuffle groove that has undoubtedly lead to many walks of shame.

Bun E. Carlos - Cheap Trick
Bun E. Carlos - Cheap Trick

Loop #16

In order to get in the last call, 1:45am, run-to-the-jukebox state of mind, I guzzled 4 imperial pints of Brooklyn Lager, ate a plate of greasy buffalo wings (ranch dressing, not blue cheese) and then repeatedly drunk-dialed my wife. All from my studio. She finally made me come upstairs and go to bed. But only after I recorded this loop.

8 bars dirty. 8 bars clean. Rinse and repeat.

Preview Here:


Download the Logic session here. (36MB)

Non-Logic fools, get your .wav files here.

206 BPM