Getting Funky With Harvey

You know the drummer is funky when he has black dot heads on the bottom of his toms. Check out this clip of Harvey Mason getting things done at the 1985 Montreux Jazz Fesitival.

Sunday Stuff

Here’s a great clip of Steve Gadd getting things done at the 1976 Montreux Jazz Festival. Check out the dynamic paradiddle variations between the snare and cowbell. Classic Gadd. My only question… where can I get one of those vintage “Stuff” t-shirts?


Excessive crash cymbals? Check. Excessively large 2B drum sticks? Check. Excessive amounts of reverb? Check. Excessively loud brass snare drum with coated blackdot heads? Check. Excessively nerdy gear checklist. Check. Loop #81 Why just use a touch of compression on the bus when you can throw limiters on every individual track? This loop comes from […]

Lunchtime Lesson #3.

Tony Williams shows us how to properly trade eights and blow some minds. Makes me want to grow a mustache and put black dot heads on EVERY drum I own.