Things Are Really Getting Odd

Between assembling baby furniture, raking leaves in the yard, and diligently working on a new ReFill for Propellerhead, I somehow managed to crank out another collection of beats and samples for The Loop Loft. I also managed to not update this blog in several weeks. So sorry. Anyway, this particular collection consists entirely of odd […]

Revisiting Mr. Kenwood Dennard

Kenwood Dennard

This past weekend, while clearing out one of the bedrooms in my house to make way for a nursery (yes folks, there’s a little Gruss set to drop in December), I stumbled upon an old shoebox containing dozens of old cassette tapes from my years at Berklee. A literal time capsule back to 1996-2000, these […]

With Coffee

Loop #135 I’m not even sure if Trent Reznor drinks coffee (he strikes me as the type that might consume it by the gallon), but assuming that he did, and that he happened to spill that coffee all over his console while mixing some drum tracks, I think the end result might sound something like […]

Practicing with loops

When most people think of loops, they often think of them as something only used in the production of songs. However, loops can also be used as great practice tools. To me, there is nothing more uninspiring than practicing to the traditional “tick, tick, tick, tick” of a metronome or click track. Whenever possible, I’ll […]

New Loop Packs

The latest news from The Loop Loft: “The Loop Loft is proud to announce the release of two new loop packs: Odd Meter Grooves Vol 1 and Funk Essentials Vol 2. With Odd Meter Grooves Volume 1, we’ve produced a loop pack entirely focused on beats that go beyond the traditional framework of 4/4. While […]

A Peak At Something Odd

The Loop Loft is providing a sneak peak into the upcoming release of Odd Meter Grooves Volume 1. This is the first drum loop pack in the world to tackle some of the most twisted and complicated time signatures in existence, including 27/16, 15/8, 9/8, 7/8 and 142/11 (this one really swings). Look for the […]

Gruss Loops Volume VIII is now available!

I know what you were thinking. “Ryan has been doing nothing the past two weeks but eating mashed potatoes, drinking his weight in Harpoon Winter Ale and taking extended naps. There’s no way he’ll have Volume VIII recorded, produced and edited by January 1st.” Well, you were wrong. Yes, I have been overindulging a bit […]

It’s now time to play…. Name That Meter!

Since my last odd meter loop stirred up so much interest around the internets, I figured I’d step it up and get all kinds of crazy with another, more complex groove. And rather than tell you what meter it’s in, I decided to turn it into a contest of sorts. Here’s the deal. The first […]

Extreme Jazz Flute

Just when you think he had already pushed the limits of auxiliary woodwind instruments to the max, Bob Reynolds is back to blow your mind with some odd meter jazz flute. Recorded on top of the 15/8 loop I released last week, Bob proves that Ron Burgundy and the girl from band camp aren’t the […]

Something A Bit Odd

This morning, while eating a delicious bowl of oatmeal and listening to Billy Cobham’s classic album, “Spectrum”, I realized that I haven’t posted an odd meter loop in quite awhile. The whole intent of this blog is to record and write about as many musical genres as my baby soft hands can handle. I can’t […]