My New Baby – Cinematic Drums Vol 2

Volume 2 picks up where our first release left off, taking an even more innovative and sound design-based approach to cinematic drum loops.   And “drums” don’t even begin to describe the audio contained in this collection.  We raided the kitchen and mic’d up sauce pans.  We took a van full of bass drums to an airplane […]

Practicing with loops

When most people think of loops, they often think of them as something only used in the production of songs. However, loops can also be used as great practice tools. To me, there is nothing more uninspiring than practicing to the traditional “tick, tick, tick, tick” of a metronome or click track. Whenever possible, I’ll […]

The Bob Reynolds Loop Collection

I told you kids I’ve been busy. Turn up your speakers and check out the video below: ————————————————————— The Loop Loft is excited to announce the launch of The Bob Reynolds Loop Collection.  The first release of our official “Artist Series” loop packs, the Bob Reynolds Loop Collection is the ultimate set of loops performed […]

This Loop Goes to 11

I just received a link to a blog post from one of my subscribers, demonstrating the use of Record’s Line 6 guitar and bass amp modeling on a loop from my Volume III pack: Below is an example of just that, a looped beat from the latest Gruss Pack thrown thru the Line 6 guitar […]

Get it while you can

As we find ourselves at the end of the month, I just wanted to remind those of you who were thinking about subscribing and downloading Volume II that the clock is ticking. In less than twelve hours from now, Volume II will be yanked from the shelves and replaced with the much anticipated and highly […]

Working It Out

So, I wanted to get back to the experiment that I started with Bob Reynolds a few weeks ago. For those of you just tuning in, Bob and I decided to collaborate together on my loops by bouncing some musical ideas off of each other and building grooves around them. Bob was the first to […]

Just to clear things up…

I’ve read some recent discussions on various message boards and blogs across the internets about my site and I wanted to set the record straight on a few things. 1. I’m still going to post FREE loops on a regular basis. I started this blog with the intent of sharing and exchanging musical ideas (and […]