Video: Making Linear Drum Loops in Reason 6

One of my most popular blog posts is the one I wrote a few years ago entitled “Linear Drumming for Dummies“. ┬áIt’s a concept made famous by Steve Gadd (he’s no dummy) and oddly enough, Wikipedia references this very blog when talking about the most widely discussed song featuring linear drumming, Paul Simon’s “50 Ways […]

Rocking The EVOC

I had good intentions of recording a rather straight ahead, Gadd-esque linear drum loop. In fact, that’s pretty much what I had… before I reached for the vocoder: [audio:102_prefilter.mp3] Loop #111 With a delay set to a dotted eighth note and the EVOC 20 filter (my SIGSALY is in the shop) heavy in the mix, […]

Sunday Stuff

Here’s a great clip of Steve Gadd getting things done at the 1976 Montreux Jazz Festival. Check out the dynamic paradiddle variations between the snare and cowbell. Classic Gadd. My only question… where can I get one of those vintage “Stuff” t-shirts?

Lunchtime Lesson – Head Hunting

Herbie Hancock’s legendary “Headhunters” rhythm section, Mike Clark and Paul Jackson, show us how to keep it crisp and funky. Check out some of those linear grooves and then go eat a ham sandwich.

Linear drumming for dummies.

Linear drumming is a style of playing where no two limbs hit at the same time. These grooves are typically broken up between the snare, kick, hi hat and toms, creating a unique, lilting feel. One of the most popular examples of linear drumming is Steve Gadd’s performance on Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave […]