Jungle Jazz

Here’s a nice impromptu drum half-circle (the dudes with the djembes must have been out on an EZ Wider run) in 3… or 6/8… whatever makes you happy, featuring Jamey Haddad, Danilo Perez and Osvaldo Jorge.


When I heard the heater click on in my house today, I knew it was finally time to play my Eckerman frame drum. You see, this particular drum has a calfskin head and during the more humid months of the year, the head loosens so much that the drum is practically unplayable. Now, with the […]

The Best Video I Couldn’t Embed

Earlier today I was unpacking some boxes of random percussion gear and stumbled across a frame drum that I’ve been neglecting for the past few years. I purchased this particular drum about ten years ago when I was studying South Indian music with the great Jamey Haddad. After tuning up the drum and attempting to […]