More Indie Rock Drums!

It’s Friday… which means two things: 1. I’m drinking some excellent IPA. 2. There’s a new release from The Loop Loft. Check the details and listen below! Following on the success of our first Indie Rock Drums release, Volume 2 delves even deeper into the many subgenres (and sounds) of indie rock. From the post-hardcore […]

Indie Rock Drums

Where the hell have I been? Confined to the sweatshop of drum beats (aka The Loop Loft), producing this fine collection of drum noises and rhythms.. which is finally out today! Check it: Via The Loop Loft: We get it. You’re an indie artist and you’re not looking for over-produced drum loops that sound like […]

One for Meg

Yeah, I know I should be hating on Meg White. The sloppy technique. The loose time. The lack of chops. But, in my humble opinion, she’s the perfect drummer for The White Stripes. She doesn’t use multiple splash cymbals. She doesn’t play anything faster than a 16th note. She plays what she feels is right […]