2 New Multitrack Sessions

Things have been busy for me this week at The Loop Loft. ┬áToday we just released two new Multitrack Drum Sessions, “Funk Meets Fusion” and “Thick & Meaty”. ┬áCheck ’em out below: What would it sound like if legendary funk drummer, Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown) joined a legendary fusion band like Weather Report, and they […]

Easy Like A Sunday Morning

Here’s some simple, straight ahead drumming by Chris “Daddy” Dave. Nothing unusual here, other than the rhythmic morphing that another YouTube viewer took the time to transcribe: “0.55-1.11 are quintuplets grouped in 3’s & 2’s; 1.35-1.43 are septuplets grouped in 5’s; 2.05-2.30 the time implied is based? off 5:2 polyrhythm, so the 5:2 is the […]

Something A Bit Odd

This morning, while eating a delicious bowl of oatmeal and listening to Billy Cobham’s classic album, “Spectrum”, I realized that I haven’t posted an odd meter loop in quite awhile. The whole intent of this blog is to record and write about as many musical genres as my baby soft hands can handle. I can’t […]

Fusion Therapy

After a long, stressful day, some people tend to wind down with a few drinks. Others find solace in working out or smoking crack. And me? Well, I find that nothing helps me kick back and relax like turning on the dry ice machine, inverting a few splash cymbals and playing some overindulgent fusion. There’s […]

Five for the rest of us.

Odd meters aren’t just for fusion jams and epic, prog rock instrumentals. They can even be used in hit songs, especially when the meter is in five. From Dave Brubeck to Radiohead, this odd meter has been working it’s way up the charts and into the public consciousness for decades. Loop #38 Today’s loop is […]

Saturday Night Fusion

In 1970 Miles Davis turned the jazz world upside down with the release of Bitches Brew. Featuring 20+ minute songs and an expanded rhythm section, Miles pushed the envelope of a genre that would be later be known as “fusion”. Blending jazz improvisation with rock instrumentation and grooves, Bitches Brew was a turning point not […]