2 New Multitrack Sessions

Things have been busy for me this week at The Loop Loft. ┬áToday we just released two new Multitrack Drum Sessions, “Funk Meets Fusion” and “Thick & Meaty”. ┬áCheck ’em out below: What would it sound like if legendary funk drummer, Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown) joined a legendary fusion band like Weather Report, and they […]

Revisiting Mr. Kenwood Dennard

Kenwood Dennard

This past weekend, while clearing out one of the bedrooms in my house to make way for a nursery (yes folks, there’s a little Gruss set to drop in December), I stumbled upon an old shoebox containing dozens of old cassette tapes from my years at Berklee. A literal time capsule back to 1996-2000, these […]

Drums Wide Open

Loop #132 This is what it sounds like when you take a drum groove with no muffling (even on the kick) and run it through a completely overdriven Brownface amp. [audio:108_WideOpen.mp3] Get the .wav file here. Get the .rx2 file here. Get the .aiff file here. 108 BPM

New Loop Packs

The latest news from The Loop Loft: “The Loop Loft is proud to announce the release of two new loop packs: Odd Meter Grooves Vol 1 and Funk Essentials Vol 2. With Odd Meter Grooves Volume 1, we’ve produced a loop pack entirely focused on beats that go beyond the traditional framework of 4/4. While […]

Getting Down With Gaylord

Check out this live video of The Pointer Sisters from 1974 featuring an excellent solo from drummer, Gaylord Birch (starts at 3:03). The dude is FUNKY…. and how has he been off of my radar for so long?? Hat tip to Sam for bringing this to my attention.

Brushing Up On The Funk

Such a pun-laden headline could only mean one thing: Another funk loop. And rather than picking up the sticks and burying the VU meters into the red, I decided to to go the subtle route and use brushes to lay down the back beat. Loop #119 I’ll admit, I’m not breaking any new ground with […]


If you consider yourself a true music fan and live in Boston, then odds are you’ve been to Wally’s. Since 1947, it’s been a Beantown institution, known as a stomping ground for both Berklee students and touring musicians alike. The size of a small apartment (it’s literally the ground floor of an old brownstone), Wally’s […]

Somewhere in Between.

There is a special feel that was born from the brass bands of New Orleans. It first emerged around the turn of the 20th century and eventually worked its way north, merging into other styles of music along the way. This is a groove that is neither triplet nor sixteenth note based. It’s not straight […]

Cry Me a River.

Ok, get those violins out. Today I’m a bit under the weather AND I’ve got a bum wing…. well, wrist actually. I’m hopped up on flu meds, painkillers and I’m wearing a splint that makes me look like a professional bowler. I’ve actually been mistaken for Ernie McCracken three times today. Being a huge fan […]