Brushing Up On The Funk

Such a pun-laden headline could only mean one thing: Another funk loop. And rather than picking up the sticks and burying the VU meters into the red, I decided to to go the subtle route and use brushes to lay down the back beat. Loop #119 I’ll admit, I’m not breaking any new ground with […]

With Teeth

One of my favorite albums of the past five years is Nine Inch Nails’ 2005 release, “With Teeth”. It’s a record chocked-full of hypnotic drum loops and haunting, yet hook-heavy melodies. It’s the perfect soundtrack for working out, getting in a fight at the mall or even playing D&D. Loop #80 This loop takes some […]

One for Meg

Yeah, I know I should be hating on Meg White. The sloppy technique. The loose time. The lack of chops. But, in my humble opinion, she’s the perfect drummer for The White Stripes. She doesn’t use multiple splash cymbals. She doesn’t play anything faster than a 16th note. She plays what she feels is right […]

Ode to the Floor Tom

Can you imagine life without floor toms? The thought alone makes me want to crawl up into a ball and cry like a little girl. There would be no Sing, Sing Sing.. No awesome intro to Unskinny Bop. Oh, and you can forget about The Velvet Underground! Loop #5 Dear Floor Tom, You’ve kept people […]