Rocking The EVOC

I had good intentions of recording a rather straight ahead, Gadd-esque linear drum loop. In fact, that’s pretty much what I had… before I reached for the vocoder: [audio:102_prefilter.mp3] Loop #111 With a delay set to a dotted eighth note and the EVOC 20 filter (my SIGSALY is in the shop) heavy in the mix, […]

Not to leave you hanging…

Yes yes, I know I haven’t been cranking out the free loops on a “daily” basis this week. A full refund is in the mail. I promise. You see, things are pretty crazy around “Casa del Gruss” at the moment. We’re currently looking for some new digs (something a little more drummer friendly.. you know, […]

Bad Babysitter

One of my good friends, a fellow drummer and former classmate, offered me the chance to ‘babysit’ his cymbals this week. He was going down to New Orleans for Jazz Fest and, knowing that I was busy recording a series of loop packs, was kind of enough to loan me his vast array of cymbals. […]

Space Funk

Loop #52 Someone got carried away with an envelope filter. Preview Here: [audio:103_filtertom.mp3] Download the Logic session here. (48MB) Get the .wav file here. 103 BPM

Bring on the aliens.

Tonight’s loop started off as your typical meat-and-potatoes-brushes-on-snare-write-some-folky-or-cheesy-funky-shit on top style beat: [audio:103_wtfb.mp3] I quickly became bored with it. Does the world really need another folky/cheesy funk beat? I’ve already given you about 10 of them. I started tweaking the mix with various Logic plug-ins and then I finally stumbled on this little gem: They […]

Fun with filters.

Today’s loop started off as your typical 6/8 Afro Cuban groove. Well, not that typical. I took the traditional bembĂ© clave which is normally played on a cowbell and moved it around the toms. If you want authentic latin beats, don’t turn to the kid who grew up in Iowa. I mean, I went to […]