When I heard the heater click on in my house today, I knew it was finally time to play my Eckerman frame drum. You see, this particular drum has a calfskin head and during the more humid months of the year, the head loosens so much that the drum is practically unplayable. Now, with the air crisp and dry, and my furnace cranking out some heat, the drum has naturally tightened up to its optimal tuning range.

Eckerman Frame Drum
Eckerman Frame Drum

Loop #100

For today’s loop, I used a brush-in-the-left-hand technique that I learned while studying with Jamey Haddad. This allows me to achieve a high pitched, snare-like effect with one hand while pulling out the lower bass frequencies with the other. This groove is a pretty straight forward 4/4 pulse but I also recorded a bunch of South Indian inspired beats for the subscribers. Ta Di Gi Na Thom anyone?

Preview Here:


Get the .wav file here.

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99 BPM

The Best Video I Couldn’t Embed

Earlier today I was unpacking some boxes of random percussion gear and stumbled across a frame drum that I’ve been neglecting for the past few years. I purchased this particular drum about ten years ago when I was studying South Indian music with the great Jamey Haddad.

After tuning up the drum and attempting to make my fingers translate complicated rhythmic phrases into actual music, I decided to Google Jamey to see what he’s been up to. When I left college, Jamey was touring with Paul Simon (drumming alongside Steve Gadd). Not a bad gig. Well, it turns out Jamey has relocated from NYC to his home town of Cleveland, Ohio. He still keeps a busy touring and teaching schedule and now has the luxury of recording his vast arsenal of drums and percussion from the comfort of his own home studio.

Jamey Haddad
Jamey Haddad

While checking out his website, I came across one of the best fifteen minute videos about music I’ve ever seen. In this brief clip, Jamey touches upon all of the important things that he passed on to me over a decade ago. I’d outline these things in more detail here but I think it’s better for you just to watch the video and take it from the man himself. Unfortunately, I’m not able to embed the video directly into my blog (and it doesn’t seem to be on youtube) but you can see it by clicking here and watching the first clip. Then, if you really want your mind blown, move on to the second clip (KOSA Performance). Live drum looping at its best.