Getting Funky With Harvey

You know the drummer is funky when he has black dot heads on the bottom of his toms. Check out this clip of Harvey Mason getting things done at the 1985 Montreux Jazz Fesitival.

The best early birthday present… ever.

This past weekend, I received a rather unexpected, yet awesome early birthday present. One of my best friends (a fellow drummer & Berklee grad) is preparing to move from Boston to Seattle in a few weeks, and while packing up his house and getting ready for the big transition, he uncovered an ultra-amazing relic from […]

Getting Down With Gaylord

Check out this live video of The Pointer Sisters from 1974 featuring an excellent solo from drummer, Gaylord Birch (starts at 3:03). The dude is FUNKY…. and how has he been off of my radar for so long?? Hat tip to Sam for bringing this to my attention.

Lunchtime “Tain”

Here is some classic Jeff “Tain” Watts. Check out his highly melodic, ultra dynamic and amazingly powerful solo from a live performance with the Branford Marsalis quartet. I need to get on Ebay and track down one of those sweet Sabian Rocktagon crash cymbals.

Sunday Stuff

Here’s a great clip of Steve Gadd getting things done at the 1976 Montreux Jazz Festival. Check out the dynamic paradiddle variations between the snare and cowbell. Classic Gadd. My only question… where can I get one of those vintage “Stuff” t-shirts?

Lunchtime Lesson – Max Roach

Max Roach, one of my favorite drummers of all time, shows us how to make music with only a pair of brushes and a snare drum.

Friday Night Douchebaggery

I’m not in the business of making fun of people but this shit needs to be posted. Our friend, Thomas Lang, is back to show us how to warm up for a show…. errr I mean drum solo clinic. What the hell are those sounds at the 38 second mark??

Lunchtime Lesson – Show ’em Stevie

Stevie Wonder pushes his drummer out of the way (without missing a beat) to show us how to play a drum solo. Check out the nice melodic action at the 4:00 mark…. as well as some double bass chops (Dave Lombardo lookout!) around 5:45.