The best early birthday present… ever.

This past weekend, I received a rather unexpected, yet awesome early birthday present. One of my best friends (a fellow drummer & Berklee grad) is preparing to move from Boston to Seattle in a few weeks, and while packing up his house and getting ready for the big transition, he uncovered an ultra-amazing relic from the late 80’s: an autographed headshot of Pat Torpey, drummer for “supergroup”/one-hit wonder, Mr. Big. In one of the most unselfish acts in the history of mankind, he decided to bestow this lost gem upon me.

While I’m pretty bummed that one of my good friends is moving 3,000 miles away, I know that I’ll be reminded of him every time I look at this photo (which is now hanging in my studio). I will also be inspired to start wearing more leather jackets and nonchalantly sit with my drums, which will randomly be strewn outside of a warehouse.

Rockin' the Tamas & the skinny jeans

Why is this photo so awesome? I’ll just let the video below do the explaining (the awesomeness kicks in at 3:52).