In July 2009, funk drumming legend, Clyde Stubblefield, whose sampled beats from his innovative recordings with James Brown have shaped the sound of hip-hop and drum & bass music, suffered kidney failure and began weekly dialysis treatment.

In July 2010, The Coalition for Clyde Stubblefield – an artist & industry association of Clyde’s supporters – was founded by drummers Stanton Moore, Johnny Rabb and David Stanoch to spread word of Clyde’s situation and new avenues being created expressly for donating financial support directly to him.

Clyde continues to work and perform regularly while dealing with the stress his kidney dialysis treatments demand.

We thank you for visiting this webpage and your desire to Give The Drummer Some, helping Clyde and his family find some relief as he braves this journey so they may feel some of YOUR soulfulness as we come together to help out a brother, an inspiration, our friend.

Remember, no contribution is too small and every penny makes a difference. JOIN THE COALITION & SPREAD THE WORD! Follow the simple instructions under the widget for embedding it into your own websites & social media pages! We thank you for your concern and generosity.


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So, you come to this site everyday, downloading free drum loops that would normally cost you $$$ and soaking in the latest and greatest in the world of drumming. Perhaps you’re asking yourself: “How can I give back? What can I do to show my appreciation?”

Well, the answer is simple: Donate!


All donated money will go directly towards my studio (no hookers and coke… I promise!), and in turn, will enhance the quality of the loops. Those Neve 1073 preamps aren’t cheap… but I bet they’d sound great on my kick and snare. Donating is also good for your karma, so it’s a win-win situation. There’s a good chance you’ll win the lottery or hook up with a supermodel. Just click the “donate” button below and see for yourself!