Request #2 – Mellow Acoustic

Loop #107 Here’s my loop response from the following request: “I’d like something that can go behind a slow acoustic guitar without taking over.” I immediately thought of Russ Kunkel’s brush-ballad playing from those early 1970’s James Taylor records. I tuned the snare down nice and low, kept the groove nice and simple and rounded […]

Filling the Gap

While perusing the homepage of this site earlier today, making sure everything was in order, something jumped out at me: A major gap in my tempo categories! How did this happen? How have I not recorded anything between 260-300 BPM?? That’s prime wanking territory. I’ve spent years perfecting paradiddles and triple flama-ratama-dingdongs in the this […]


Yeah, I know I haven’t posted any “free” loops in the past few days. Things are a bit crazy at the moment… and there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes. You shall see soon. To keep you entertained in the meantime, here’s a video of Clayton Cameron (Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Bennett) […]

Lunchtime Lesson – Who Need Sticks?

Best know for his amazing brush work, Ed Thigpen shows us how to take it a step further by only playing with his hands…. and then using mallets to bring the solo to a crescendo.

Brush Party

Well, I promised nothing but jazz this week and I’m staying true to my word. As much as I wanted to record some glam-rock, power ballad beats (trust me, they’re coming), I resisted the temptation and stayed focused on the “classic” stuff. Loop #63 Like yesterday’s groove, today’s loop is another eight bar phrase, but […]

Lunchtime Lesson – Max Roach

Max Roach, one of my favorite drummers of all time, shows us how to make music with only a pair of brushes and a snare drum.

Things that go Thump.

For my 50th loop I wanted to try something a bit different. No funk beats. No paradiddles. No wanking. I wanted to downsize and simplify. I wanted to see how much music I could make with a limited set of tools. I set forth some parameters: One drum. One measure. My initial instinct was to […]


Everyone has an album that reminds them of their childhood. A certain recording that can instantly transport you back to being a little kid. For me, that album is Willie Nelson’s 1978 classic, “Stardust”. Every time my family made the six hour drive to my grandparents’ house in Missouri, “Stardust” found its way into the […]


Sorry things have been quiet around here. My wife and I went away for the weekend to celebrate our one year anniversary and for some reason, she wouldn’t let me bring my drums. Look for some new loops tomorrow. In the meantime, check out this 1959 video of the Ahmad Jamal trio featuring the great […]