Something A Bit Odd

This morning, while eating a delicious bowl of oatmeal and listening to Billy Cobham’s classic album, “Spectrum”, I realized that I haven’t posted an odd meter loop in quite awhile. The whole intent of this blog is to record and write about as many musical genres as my baby soft hands can handle. I can’t […]

Red Baron

Painfully funky, this 1976 performance from the Montreux Jazz Festival featuring Billy Cobham, a young John Scofield, George Duke and Alphonso Johnson is one of the best recordings of “Red Baron” that I’ve seen or heard. Look for a Billy-inspired loop to be posted later today.

Behind The Scenes With Billy

Here’s a behind the scenes look into Billy Cobham’s recording session for the upcoming sample CD, “The Ken Scott Collection”. It’s nice to see (and hear) Billy back on the acrylic Fibes kit. Hat tip to my friend, Matt at for sending this my way.

Odd Meter Freakout

My love affair with odd meters started back when I was in high school. Sparks flew the first time I heard “The Inner Mounting Flame” by The Mahavishnu Orchestra. Billy Cobham’s drumming was the perfect combination of technique, musicality and intensity. I was fifteen years old and immediately became fascinated with learning how to play […]