Just to clear things up…

I’ve read some recent discussions on various message boards and blogs across the internets about my site and I wanted to set the record straight on a few things.

1. I’m still going to post FREE loops on a regular basis. I started this blog with the intent of sharing and exchanging musical ideas (and insults) with the rest of the world and I will continue to do so.

2. The “Members Only” aka “Subscription Service” = Premium Content. Think of it this way; Those of you working with the free loops are eating Big Macs. Sure, they’re tasty… but you’re going to eventually get fat and might start playing D&D every night. Plus, how much are you going to do with just one beat? Those of you working with the Loop Packs are dining on fine filet mignon (medium rare). You have abs of steel and are getting tired of constantly being stalked by runway models. You have a wide variety of beats and fills and at your disposal and can’t remember what life was like before you became a member of this blog.

Which would you rather have?
Which would you rather eat?

Ok…. enough with the bad analogies. I just wanted to take this opportunity to address the confusion. Now I’m hungry. Off to eat some McNuggets…