Gruss Loops Vol X is Here!

Another 1st of the month brings us another set of Gruss Loops. Volume X features four different loop sets with over 25 different groove and fill variations in each style and tempo. A mix of world, funk, latin and r&b loops, Volume X is a must-have for any well-rounded loop collection.

Gruss Loops - Vol X


Yep, I actually named this set of loops “Big Dirty Funk”. This first set shows that I’m not afraid of cheesy loop names or using flams in my fills. This is LOUD funk. Think Rage Against the Machine meets Parliament, blended with an industrial-grade bitcrusher.



Ever since posting my first frame drum loop a few months ago, I’ve received dozens of requests for more grooves on this particular instrument. In order to please the masses, I’ve recorded another round of grooves with my beloved Cooperman drum. The first half of the loop series features just my hands and fingers, while the second half introduces a brush in my left hand.



In an attempt to heat things up and get through the frigid Boston winter, I locked myself in my studio and channeled one of my favorite grooves from the Caribbean, Soca. Moving things around from the hi hat, coss stick and snare, I elaborate and embellish on a wide mix of soca grooves.



No, I’m not talking about ferocious dogs. I’m referring to the “bark” of an open hi hat within a 16th note groove. While Bernard has been doing this for years (just forward to 3:15), I take the bark and put it in a more contemporary setting. Ultra-dry and crisp production plays in contrast with a wide open, ringy snare drum.


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“Wooah yes!”

No loops today. I’m doing some work on my studio, testing out a few mics and implementing a complex digital smell converter (via SNIFTI) into Logic. Soon you will be able to mix in various odors along with my individual drum tracks. Cutting edge stuff. In lieu of loops, I’ll let Bernard Purdie show you how to play some funk:

Once you’ve got that down, check this out:

Hat tip, pesto.