Not Just Drum Loops

After recording literally thousands of drum loops by myself, I’ve recently branched out and started producing loops with other artists. And not just drummers, but actual, real musicians. I kid, I kid… The latest artist I’ve had the opportunity to work with is bassist extraordinaire, Janek Gwizdala. Janek is an old friend of mine from […]

Revisiting Mr. Kenwood Dennard

Kenwood Dennard

This past weekend, while clearing out one of the bedrooms in my house to make way for a nursery (yes folks, there’s a little Gruss set to drop in December), I stumbled upon an old shoebox containing dozens of old cassette tapes from my years at Berklee. A literal time capsule back to 1996-2000, these […]

Something A Bit Odd

This morning, while eating a delicious bowl of oatmeal and listening to Billy Cobham’s classic album, “Spectrum”, I realized that I haven’t posted an odd meter loop in quite awhile. The whole intent of this blog is to record and write about as many musical genres as my baby soft hands can handle. I can’t […]

Let Me Tell You About Chach

Every winter, when I travel home to West Des Moines, Iowa to celebrate Christmas with my family, I also take part in a “reunion concert” of sorts with some old friends from high school. Fourteen years ago, just before packing up my bags and heading to Berklee, I teamed up with some other members of […]

Funk Salad

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing my old classmate, Adam Deitch, perform for all of the incoming babies students at Berklee. Adam had a great band playing with him, including Eric Krasno and my former NYC roommate, Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff on guitar. While the band was officially billed as “Chapter 2”, it also […]

Quintuple the Pleasure, Quintuple the Fun

While cleaning up my studio and preparing for the big move, I stumbled across a folder of notes and lesson materials from my Berklee days. Inside this folder was everything from Max Roach solo transcriptions, to South Indian rhythmic cycles, to 4-way independence studies. Flipping through the pages of sheet music was like stepping into […]

What About Bob?

Today, as I was recording and editing drums for “Gruss Loops Volume II”, I thought about how much more interesting it would be (for both me and my subscribers) to collaborate with another artist during the creation process. Scrolling through the massive Rolodex of musicians in my head, one name immediately jumped out as the […]

He uses his hands and he uses his feet.

No loops today. I’ve got something much better. Sit back and enjoy the hip hop stylings of my old mentor, Kenwood Dennard, circa 1985. I just stumbled across some old cassette tapes of my lessons with Kenwood. As soon as I can find the right adapter, I’ll digitize and upload a few highlights. Don’t worry, […]