A Loop Supreme

Loop #131 Another taste of the new Gretsch kit. If this loop was on the menu at Taco Bell, it would be topped off with a generous amount of sour cream. [audio:271_ElvinBlakey.mp3] Get the .wav file here. Get the .rx2 file here. Get the .aiff file here. 271 BPM

That Great Gretsch Sound

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was fortunate enough to finally become the owner my dream jazz kit, a Gretsch USA Custom. After breaking open my piggy bank and selling 63% of my bone marrow, I finally had the sufficient funds to make the trek up to the wonderful Drum Center of Portsmouth […]

Rabbit fur costume for the brain.

Today I bring you the latest track submitted from one of my readers. Recorded by Endai Hüdl in Berlin, Germany, the song is entitled “Ded Blokkz Mambo” and incorporates the Blakey-esque loop #79. Unfortunately, Endai didn’t include much of a backstory to the track. He did, however, provide a brief description: “Rabbit fur costume for […]

Get Your Shuffle On

I just realized I’ve posted 116 different loops on this site but not a single one has been a shuffle. What the hell is wrong with me? Some of my favorite songs are shuffles. Pride And Joy, Sweet Home Chicago, Moanin’…. I could go on and on. From jazz, to blues to rock, the shuffle […]

More Mambo

There seemed to be a lot of interest in the mambo loop I posted a few days ago, so I figured I’d share this concert footage from 1959 of Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers live in Paris. Even FASTER than the original recording, this version of A Night In Tunisia will show you why […]


Apparently I drank something over the 4th of July weekend that inspired me to play nothing but jazz grooves from the late 50’s. Every time I sit down at the kit, all I want to do is put on my trashy, old ride cymbal and pretend I’m Elvin Jones or Art Blakey. Who knew Colt […]

Working It Out

So, I wanted to get back to the experiment that I started with Bob Reynolds a few weeks ago. For those of you just tuning in, Bob and I decided to collaborate together on my loops by bouncing some musical ideas off of each other and building grooves around them. Bob was the first to […]

This is where it gets interesting.

As you might recall, last week I mentioned I would be collaborating with my old friend, Bob Reynolds, in the process of creating music/ideas/grooves for upcoming loop packs. Well, today I received my first “rough sketch” from Bob along with the following notes: Not exactly odd time, but I have this 12/8 loop in there […]


One of my biggest regrets is that I never saw Elvin Jones perform before he passed away. Whenever he was in New York, performing at The Blue Note or The Village Vanguard, it seemed like I always had a gig or a rehearsal and couldn’t make it to the show. I kept hearing from friends […]