The Loop Loft Partners With Ableton

Here’s some news that I’m pretty proud of:

The Loop Loft has teamed up with Ableton to bring you a customized, “Live Ready” version of Hip Hop Drums Vol 1.  This collection has been reconfigured from the ground up to work seamlessly inside of Live, and is fully integrated with custom drum racks, clips, effects, macro controls and hundreds of loops.  And since it’s an official “Live Ready” pack, it automatically installs directly into your Ableton library with one click!”

Ableton Live Pack – Hip Hop Drums from The Loop Loft on Vimeo.

12 Drum Racks
18 Live Clips
Number of Loops: 274
Number of Samples: 72
Tempo Range: 85-150 BPM
File Size: 216 MB

System Requirements:
Requires Live Intro or Live
Version 8.2.2 or higher
2GB of RAM recommended

Save the Beat

I can’t tell you how sick I am of hearing tired, canned dance beats. I don’t even like dance music. But if I have to hear it while out in public, away from the safe confines of my iPod, I might as well try to improve the quality of the drum sounds. The world has been overrun by shitty producers with their 808 samples and re-mixed Ableton Live schlock. And don’t even get me started about the kitten DJs who spin said schlock.

Stop the madness.
Stop the madness.

Loop #108

How does one try to come up with fresh sounding dance loops? Start with something that sounds nothing like a cliché electronica beat. In this case, it’s using brushes to lay down the groove. Chopped up with a touch of gating, peppered with some growly floor toms and sautéd in some extra trashy hi hats, I give you my first dance loop intended to make this genre a little more palatable (especially when served alongside a $14 gin and tonic made by someone like this).

Preview Here:


Get the .wav file here.

Get the .rx2 file here.

Get the .aiff file here.

118 BPM

The Money Beat – Revisited

Last night I received an email from someone named Todd, with the subject, “The Money Beat”. At first I wasn’t sure what to think. Is someone with poor typing skills requesting a groove based on “Last Train to Clarksville”? Is someone holding my cats hostage again and demanding loops as ransom? Curious and slightly unnerved, I clicked into the email and read the following:

Just wanted to let you know that I used the above named loop in a new track of mine, “Manifolds V,” which you can listen to at I took out the snare on 2 and applied extensive filtering and FX. A track this meandering couldn’t possible have worked without your beat as a solid rhythmic foundation. Many thanks!

Awh yes. Several months ago, I posted a loop called, “The Money Beat”. How quickly I forget my stupid blog titles. Anyway, Todd took this particular straight ahead loop, imported it into Ableton Live 8 and crafted his own unique track around it.


Here’s a clip of my original loop:


Here’s Todd’s track, “Manifolds V“, utilizing the loop:


This is one of those tracks that is best listened to with headphones…. and with the lights low. Maximum, yet tasteful stereo imaging. Todd does an excellent job of taking an ominous four bar vamp and expanding upon it with layers of electronic pulses, glitched-out drums and fuzzed out crescendos until it finally peaks around the 4:30 mark.

So, who else is sitting on tracks that incorporate my loops? I love hearing the final results, especially when I can hardly recognize my original track. Email me your links… just don’t freak me out with the subject line.