Indie Rock Drum Tips + REX Files

Some things to remember next time you play drums in an ‘indie rock’ band:

– The more your snare drum sounds like a cardboard box, the better.
– Never, and I mean never, mention those Dave Weckl albums you owned in high school.
– You’re going to look like a total douche in those skinny jeans no matter what you do. Just deal with it. Or you can always go the Tommy Lee route.

Fabrizio Moretti - The Strokes
Fabrizio Moretti - The Strokes

Loop #55

For today’s loop I played a pretty typical “indie rock” beat. A semi-limp left hand, no fancy business on the ride cymbal and just enough groove to make the girls dance. To take some of the extra sheen off, I re-amped the drum bus and turned on the bit crusher.

And for some exciting news: Starting tonight, I’ll be including REX files of every loop. Tell all of your DJ friends to start dropping in some “Gruss” at the clubs.

Preview Here:


Download the Logic session here. (195MB)

Get the .wav file here.

Get the .rx2 file here.

110 BPM

2 thoughts on “Indie Rock Drum Tips + REX Files

  1. lowlife

    Rex files – Hells yeah!

  2. visitour


    now you have to go back and rexify all the previous loops

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