When you’re in the middle of a rock show and you need the back beat to reach the nosebleed seats of the stadium, there’s always one rudiment you can turn to:

The Flam.

For those of you who aren’t drummers, or if you’ve never heard of this particular F word, here’s a brief summary of the flam:

A single primary note note preceded by a grace note which is played with the opposite hand. The temporal distance between the grace note and the primary note can vary depending on the style and context of the piece being played.

Max Weindberg - Friend of the Flam
Max Weinberg - Friend of the Flam

From Guns N’ Roses’, “Paradise City” to Bruce Springsteen’s, “Born in the USA”, the flam is the drummer’s weapon of choice when it’s time to fatten the 2 and 4 and cut through a wall of guitar amps.

Steven Adler - Abuser of drugs, not flams
Steven Adler - Abuser of Drugs, Not Flams

Loop #45

In order to get a big “Live at Wembley Arena” flam sound, I grabbed a pair of 2B sticks, put a Remo coated Emperor head on the snare and some Pinstripes on the toms. I also threw a fit backstage (my basement) when I found some brown M&Ms in the candy bowl. Did the promoter not read my fucking rider??

Preview Here:


Download the Logic session here. (79MB)

Get the .wav file here. (with guitar)

Get the .wav file here. (drums only)

87 BPM

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