Ode to the Floor Tom

floor tom

Can you imagine life without floor toms? The thought alone makes me want to crawl up into a ball and cry like a little girl. There would be no Sing, Sing Sing.. No awesome intro to Unskinny Bop. Oh, and you can forget about The Velvet Underground!

Rikki Rockett - Floor Tom Enthusiast
Rikki Rockett - Floor Tom Enthusiast

Loop #5

Dear Floor Tom,

You’ve kept people dancing since the 50’s. You’ve rumbled arenas around the world. You’ve always been there to support me (and my stick bag). This loop is dedicated to you.


Preview Here:


Download the Logic files here. (33MB)

80 BPM

2 thoughts on “Ode to the Floor Tom

  1. bawb heelie

    eggcellent! when i saw rikki rockett in the tag cloud, i knew this was gonna be good!

  2. With Teeth | ryangruss.com

    […] loop takes some of the flammed-out, in your face, floor tom action that is present on several tracks on With Teeth and mixes it with the thick and dry kick and […]

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