Things that go Thump.

For my 50th loop I wanted to try something a bit different. No funk beats. No paradiddles. No wanking. I wanted to downsize and simplify. I wanted to see how much music I could make with a limited set of tools. I set forth some parameters:

One drum. One measure.

My initial instinct was to run to the safety of my snare drum, but I knew that would be the easy way out. It was time to explore uncharted waters. The threat of pirates only added to the excitement. I flipped my bass drum over and began hitting it with various things. Sticks, mallets, spatulas. Nothing was really working… until I grabbed some brushes.

The Setup
The Setup

Loop #50

It’s amazing how many frequencies you can pull out of one drum with a pair of brushes (especially when you start processing and mixing). With a bit of limiting and a dash of distortion, this loop soon took on an ominous life of its own.

For the geeks who are curious about the mic setup, I kept it pretty simple:

A Shure Beta 52A and a Rode NT5.

Preview Here:


Download the Logic session here. (6MB)

Get the .wav file here.

90 BPM

6 thoughts on “Things that go Thump.

  1. This is slick riff, you labeled it hip hop, but I’m going trip hop with it. Layered with a low-pitched hat laying 16ths, you’d have yourself a Tricky track.

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